Safety Rules

The Times Inn Gun Club Ltd.


    Safety Rules

1)When carrying a Gun it must be open and unloaded at all times. Semi Automatics must be carried with the bolts back, with the magazine and chamber empty.

2)In the event of a misfire or malfunction the shotgun must be kept closed, pointed in a safe direction for a minimum of 30 seconds and the safety officer called to inspect the gun.

3)The barrels must be kept pointed up the range at all times until the shooter has opened and emptied their gun. Then and only then may the shooter turn around and walk from the firing line.

4)Guns must not be pointed or fired at any animate or inanimate object other than the clay pigeon target.

5)Before loading the gun all shooters must check to ensure the barrels are free from obstruction.

6)All spectators and shooters not on the firing line should cause no distraction to other shooters on the firing line.

7)Treat every gun as if it is loaded and with the greatest of respect.

8)You and only you are responsible for the safe handling of your gun at all times. You are also responsible for the behaviour and safety of any family or guest you may bring to the shooting ground.

9)Eye and ear protectors MUST be worn at all times.

10)Whilst on the firing line guns may only be loaded when the referee or safety officer has given instruction for the shoot to commence.

11)Guns must not be pointed sideways to discharge used cartridges. Guns must be pointed at the ground when discharging used cartridges.

12)At no time must shooters or spectators move into the shooting area unless declared safe by the safety officer or referee.

13)In the event of a “NO BIRD” called, the shooter on the line must break the gun and re-mount before calling for the next target. Semi Automatics must be held upright for safety.

14)Trappers must not leave a “Manual Clay Trap” loaded when leaving the trap or when changing trappers. The trap must be un-cocked when left and when being transported.

15)Shooters and spectators must not walk in front of a Clay Trap when in use.

16)Alcohol cannot be consumed on the shooting field or allowed on your person for the duration of the shoot.

17)All vehicles and contents are parked at the owners risk. The gun club take no responsibility for any damage or loss.

18)All vehicles whilst on the ground should be driven at a speed of no more than 10MPH

Failure to comply with these rules could lead to action being taken by the committee.