The Times Inn Gun Club Ltd.




We shoot in all seasons and therefore in all weathers. Shooters should wear clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather on the day of their visit. Remember our club is in a rural setting on the slopes of a wooded ridge and it can be very cold.  Spare gloves and waterproofs in the car will be useful if the weather becomes particularly inclement. Likewise, light clothing and sun screen can be the order of the day on other occasions.


Sturdy boots or wellingtons are recommended, they afford good grip and a degree of ankle protection. Because of the rural setting of our shooting ground, you will be walking on uneven and occasionally slippery terrain for your entire visit.


Safety Equipement:

Eye and Ear protection should be worn at all times, as should a hat or cap.

If required by visiting shooters, these are available from the club.

Shooting Times:

We ask that all shooters please be at the shooting ground for 09:15 at the latest.  We don’t actually start to shoot until 10:00 promptly, however, by arriving 45 minutes early, you allow us time to make introductions, complete any paperwork, and run through some of the basics involved in safe shotgun handling.

We have planning permission from our local council for shooting between the hours of 10a.m – 12m.d. Because we value the cordial relations we have with our neighbours in Dalton – Le – Dale. We stick rigidly to shooting only between these prescribed times.


Novice Shooters:

All novices and those completely new to clay pigeon shooting will be given a mentor for the duration of the shoot. The mentor will be an experienced shooter with the knowledge and skill to ensure that new shooters will enjoy themselves and handle both themselves and the gun safely.

Car Parking:

There is off road car parking available to our guests and visitors. This is situated immediately inside the club entrance gates. Please drive safely and with caution.   


We encourage childeren and young people to shoot with us. However,

people shooting with us need to be physically strong enough to use and control a shotgun safely. Obviously this will not be possible with very young children. A decision as to if a child is suitable to shoot will be made by the Senior Safety Officer, or deputy on an individual basis. For more advice please contact us prior to arriving at the ground.

Because of a stipulation in our club insurance, no person under 10 years of age is allowed to shoot.

All Childeren must be accompanied and supervisied by a responsible adult at all times within the boundries of the Times Inn Gun Club Ltd.


Prices for shooting with us from the 24th. Feb. 2018:

Visitors are charged £25:00 for their mornings shoot. This Includes:  50 cartridges and 50 targets. If necessary, the use of a gun, along with instruction and safety equipment can be arranged.

Members are charged £20:00 for their 50 targets also including their ammunition.

Membership to the Times Inn Gun Club is an annual payment of £60:00 In July each year


All Shooting at the Times Inn Gun Club is exclusively with Fibre Wads and also with ammunition supplied only by the club,unless prevented from so doing  because of issues of calibre.

Extra 12 gauge cartridges are available to purchase at £6:00 for 25 cartridges (Shotgun Certificate holders only).

Membership application:

All Shotgun Certificate holders may apply to become members.


Because of the geography of our shooting ground, we unfortunately cannot offer wheelchair access.  Shooters should also have a degree of fitness which will allow them to cope with walking distances of up to 300 meters, including some fairly steep inclines, mostly on uneven ground. If in doubt please ask prior to travelling 

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