Disciplinary Procedure

The Times Inn Gun Club Ltd.

Disciplinary Policy:

If and when it becomes necessary, the  Club Secretary, Club Chairman, or their deputy will call for an urgent extra-ordinary disciplinary meeting of the committee to be convened. This meeting will be held as soon as is practically possible.

If the members of the committee feel further investigation or further evidence is required to allow them

to make a fair and  objective decision on any point, then member or members involved will be suspended from the club until a decision is reached by the committee. All communications between the committee and the Member/s involved may in the first instance be verbal, but all communications will then be confirmed in writing, copies to all parties involved and to the club secretary within 5 days.   

The managing committee may consist of all club officials and committee members voted for at the AGM.

A quorum four at a properly convened meeting is required for any decision.

Any inappropriate behaviour such as, but not exclusively, safety infringement, abuse, aggression, discrimination or dishonesty will be investigated by the managing committee and if confirmed can result in suspension or exclusion from the club. The committee to decide on the gravity of the incident and may exclude individuals for a period of months or indefinitely in the first case should the circumstances warrant. Further disciplinary incidents by a member will be viewed as more serious and two additional proven cases will normally lead to permanent exclusion.

In the event of permanent exclusion the individual affected will have the right of appeal to the full membership of the club.