Important information for members

The Times Inn Gun Club Ltd.


    Important Information for members

Committee meetings will take place on the first Monday of each month and will be held at :

New Heseldon Social Club

Wellfield Rd,




Away Day.

6th of July. Trip To Belsay Barns Shooting Ground.

£30:00 per person, this entitles every shotter 150 clay targets, a bacon buttie and tea or coffeee. Those attending please make your own transport arrangements, along with your own ammunition.

Those needing to purchase cartridges can either buy club cartridges, (See Stuart York,)  or purchase them from Belsay on the day. N.B. Fibre and Plastic wads are both acceptable. 


A copy of the club accounts for the past finacial year is available for perusal by any club member on request of the treasurer.

Further information on any club financial matter may be discussed with our Treasurer, John C. Brereton.


Only ammunition purchased from the Times Inn Gun Club ltd. is permitted to be used by members  or guests of the Times Inn on club shoots at our ground.

Failiure to comply with this rule could potentially render an offending shooter disqualified if shooting a club competition.

Committee meetings

All members are encouraged to attend any of the club committee meetings.


Members are requested to park sensibly, allowing as many cars to be accommodated as possible.